Thursday, 25 March 2010

Marathon Running and the cash comparison

A friend of mine, Keith Cluderay, is a Marathon winner and Olympic trainer. He told me an interesting story last week. At some point when you are running a Marathon you run out of energy, your body just can't store enough fuel. I kid you not the running terminology is "bonking", some people call it the wall. Your body's fuel store has been completely depleted, and your body needs to break down fat into energy to keep running. Interestingly just before you bonk you are running at your best, I guess you are like a car coasting. As suddenly as a click of the fingers your speed drops and you feel terrible.

Back to our story. Keith was 2 miles off finishing the Marathon and looking like coming in second when the front runner suddenly slowed down and just as Keith became level with him, he said in a low strained voice "go on Keith win the race!" Even after 24 gruelling miles and almost spent that small encouragement played a huge part in providing just the boost he needed ... and Keith won the race.

The analogy with Cash is startling you may have covered most of your route to Market but are you running low on funds? What Cash boost do you need to come over the line?