Tuesday, 16 February 2010

The Celebrity Pacer - and how you can generate more cash from existing turnover

You are running in a pack of 52,000 people and you hear someone say that a celebrity is behind you, and the ripple effect of voices spreads the news. People are stumbling as they rubber neck the celeb. You turn, glance, not to stare just to make sure you know what they look like without the makeup and see if the camera has been lying. She does look a lot smaller in real life. At the same time those tightly bunched around you do the same and give each other a knowing glance. Proof positive, you can now confirm it actually is her and she sweats just like you. She is running the Great North Runs 13.1miles just like you. You and those around her are elated you have a new spring in your step and she is running just like you. If she can do it you can too, after all she is running just like you and this could be your chance to be on TV.

Here is where I burst your bubble. That celeb is not running just like you – you see unlike you they have an anonymous helper, the pacer, who’s job is to stay incognito and harness all that the celebrity can do and make it go further. We all have our natural limits those that we are comfortable with. The pacer takes those limits and uses his experience to focus effort on achieving the required goals. Next time you see a celeb run pay attention to the runner next to them who hasn’t even broken sweat and remind yourself with the right help that could be you.

You can generate more cash from existing turnover; all you need is the right focus.

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