Thursday, 14 July 2011

Apple to release OS X Lion a Cash game changer

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion release will set the cat among the pigeons ... but why should you be interested? For the first time Apple will release a new operating system only as a digital download available from it's online app store. Overnight this will dismantle the software reseller market and rebuild a direct sales channel to Apple’s customers. Obviously this will adversely affect companies that used to create and distribute the DVDs for the Operating System.  A grave impact could be felt by the business plan of PC World, best buy etc. as software manufacturers make the move to digital download only.

Putting to one side the technical difficulties in deploying a 4gigabit download, from design to delivery no physical touch is required, and the speed of product deployment is vastly improved as postage and packing becomes irrelevant.

More importantly the Cash implications are huge as the lead to Cash has just come down from weeks to minutes. Reseller bad debt has become extinct, and to top it all that Apple will be selling the software with an eye watering profit margin approaching close to 100%, once it recovers it’s development costs, which could happen within days of the release.

The release of OS X Lion is a Cash game changer it should make you stop and think about the way you handle Cash in your Business.  Remember, it's all about Finding Cash in Your Business, handling it well and looking for the golden opportunities it creates.

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