Monday, 1 August 2011

America's debt default averted - Financially Greece is now in a better state!

Today the U.S. has agreed to increase the level of debt owed per head of population to a staggering $48,000, and avert defaulting on repayment of it's debt, President Barack Obama and congressional leaders announced the agreement on emergency legislation last night, lifting a dark cloud that had threatened to rain down untold damage on a US economic recovery. So rather than default on the national debt which no doubt would have serious ramifications around the world the US has decided to increase it's own overdraft facility. Interestingly the Markets around the world responded positively to the news. The increased debt facility should gives the government enough wriggle room to allow it to function normally until the next general election.

So American debt per head of population is now greater that the $43,000 of Greece and in getting close to double the UK debt of $26,000.

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